Saturday, January 31, 2004

The Scrabble Rack

Finally, a tool to end all disputes about whether a Scrabble ® word is legal or illegal and whether the dictionary being used is the right one or not.

Go to The Scrabble Rack.
Plug in a word. The column (frame) at the right tells you whether the word is legal or illegal.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Mother Tongue May Be Older Than Many Think (

Mother Tongue May Be Older Than Many Think (

The clueless linguists keep looking for the mother tongue of Indo-European in Turkey (Anatolia) rather than in places like the Baltic or elsewhere IN EUROPE or Central Asia where the Balts may originally have come from.

Funny, the Turks today do NOT speak an Indo-European language.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Berlin Blog - Pearls lost Forever

Berlin Blog is on the blog roll of our main site, Law Pundit. The reason is not only because the blog owner has a legal background, but because she writes so beautifully. A good sample is found to close out the year at Oh, right. The Poop.

"There are eight or so teenagers in my house. They have been here since Friday. Plus my brothers. And their wives.

I have lost two posts, and my mind. At the end of every day, the kids, who are otherwise scattered from Germany to Long Island to Ohio to Wisconsin, gather all four portable computers on the dining table and instant message with far away friends, and, weirdly enough, each other. Yesterday again I tried to post. I stuffed the computer into a linen closet and typed while pretending to get ready to go to the grocery store for the 17th time. I hit the post and publish button before realizing my wireless was in a dead zone. Pearls, absolute pearls, lost forever."

All of us have probably lost posts in the course of our computer travails - perhaps it just goes to show the ephemeral nature of words. Some words - said - last an instant, some words last for some time - written, but no words last forever.

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